The good folks at IDoneThis let me know that they do have a free personal service. I’ve signed up for this and look forward to comparing it to my DIY version.

Beyond the Paperless Classroom

In his most recent newsletter, Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and Drive, highlights five of his favorite digital tools.  A couple of these were quite familiar (Dropbox, Instapaper, TypeIt4Me), but there was one I hadn’t heard of:  iDoneThis.  Aside from the grammatical problem, being a productivity tool addict, I was intrigued.

In short, this service sends you an email every day asking you to jot down what you have accomplished that day.  When you reply to the email, the service stores your notes on a calendar that is then shareable with others who can ‘like’ it or comment in the usual social media ways.

This sounded great, so I checked out the website, but then balked at the $5 a month fee. (Update: the good folks at IDoneThis sent me a comment with a link to a free personal service which I have signed…

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