iWatch Wish List

As rumors surrounding the forthcoming iWatch continue to circulate, there are several Imagefeatures that as a runner, teacher, stat-nerd, and gadget-oholic, I would pay good money for:

  1. A Nike+ accelerometer that measures distance, pace, and calories burned much as the Nike+ app on the iPhone does.  It should also map routes which can then be uploaded to the Nike+ website.
  2. As a running tool, the iWatch needs to be water-proof: I bought a wristband for my 6th generation iPod nano to use it for the above feature, and it was great, until sweat eventually caused it to short circuit. It is dead now.
  3. An always-on clock display (that is, when the display is not being used by another app). The sixth generation Nano watch was fun, but it was annoying not to be able to glance at the time: it always had to be woken up to display the time.
  4. A calorie and step counter like the Nike Fuel Band or Jawbone Up wristband.  
  5. A preview of texts, email, and other notifications Bluetoothed from my iPhone.
  6. At least 2 gigs of memory for music and a Bluetooth connection to wireless headphones for cable free listening.
  7. A microphone for recording voice memos.
  8. It’s very own app store – who knows where this new device category could go?!