Quip, a useable mobile word processor?

This morning, both the New York Times and Business Insider ran stories about word processors for phones and tablets. Microsoft and Google have gradually been improving their offerings for mobile devices, and they now have been joined by Quip, a startup by former senior techies at Google and Facebook. Since I sometimes want more formatting options when writing on my iPhone or iPad, I decided to give Quip a try.

First impressions for the positive:

It has a clean interface and is intuitive to use
There are limited options for fonts, styles etc., and this is probably a good thing: the options that are on offer are easily accessed
Photos are easy to insert, though the first one I tried appeared to have been distorted in the slowish upload process.
Much like Google Docs, there is a revision history for tracking changes to the Doc
You swipe to open a document or move back to the folder or to the revision history
There are also options to tag people in the Doc, create a table, or link to another document. Again, these options are easy to access and use.
According to the articles, documents in Quip resize themselves to the screen size.

There’s not much on the con side for me right now other than sharing options: it would be nice to be able to send this document straight to my blog or open it on another app rather than cutting and pasting. Other participants on a document need to install the app in order to edit, but I guess this is what to be expected from a freemium app. Time will tell if it really is easier to use/more feature-rich than Evernote and if Quip makes it to my iPhone home screen.