Developing Effective Learning Behaviors

As I work towards the exam period with students at my new school, I am reminded of the importance of instilling consistent and diligent study habits while also deflecting focus away from grades and high stakes testing.

Beyond the Paperless Classroom

   There’s a lot we are responsible for when entrusted with the education of young people. In addition to the traditional academic priorities – knowledge and skill acquisition – we are also responsible for their physical, social, and ethical development. Our curricula, then, may include character education, service learning, as well as physical and health education.  Among all this, we also have a responsibility to help our students develop good work habits and behaviors.  However, with the tide of high-stakes testing, standards-based reforms, and the ever-increasing pressure to gain admission to elite colleges, there is a danger that ‘prepping for the test’ may eclipse our efforts to help students to develop productive work habits. Furthermore, research has shown that the increasing pressure on students to perform well on high stakes tests can increase the incidence of cheating or other unethical behaviors. On the other hand, there is evidence that the most…

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