Boost views on your blog with Google+: A Thriving PD Community!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 8.23.01 PMWho says no-one is using Google+?

Since I started using Google+ to share my posts on Google Apps and educational technology, hits on my blog have exploded!

The chart above shows views on my blog in October and November.  OK, so I was very busy in school in mid October, but I started posting on Google+ on November 6th, and every day since them my blog has broken it’s ‘best ever’ record.  My wife is getting tired of high five-ing me every time the blog breaks through a new 100!

OK, so many of my posts have discussed Google Apps for Education (surely the most useful educational and ubiquitous tools available?), but to jump from 30-50 views per post when I was only sharing on Twitter to 400-600 when sharing on Google+ is remarkable.  In fact, in the week starting on November 4th, my blog experienced growth of 2188%.  Yes, that’s two thousand percent growth!

However, my stats show that readers have not only viewed posts on Google Apps, but have viewed many other pages on my blog.

Clearly, I have done a little more than share my posts with my family and friends on Google+.  I joined a few communities such as Google Apps in Education and the similarly named Google Apps for Education (this reminds me of the “Judean People’s Front” and the “People’s Front of Judea” in Monty Python’s Life of Brian!).  When I share, I make sure to share to one of these groups.

I have spent months trying to grow my Twitter follows, and I have tried to build interest in my blog through a presentation at a large education conference (AIMS in Baltimore).  I have even written a free iBook.

Like many of you, my motivation is to share successes I have had in the classroom using technology to increase student motivation, communication, and learning.  I also would like to build an online presence and grow a community of like-minded thinkers to develop my own craft.

And with 632 views today shows that there really is a thriving community of people out there who want to talk about about Google Apps and streamlining everything in the classroom.

Thanks to everyone for viewing and the great feedback!