How to Goobric – Attach a rubric to individual Doctopus Docs

So, you’ve created 20, 30, 40 individual copies of a template using Doctopus (see previous post) and you are wondering at the magnificence of Andrew Stillman’s automation tool that has distributed documents to all your students.

But, now the students have all completed the assignments, and you have to grade/ assess them…

You may choose to add narrative comments to their writingScreen Shot 2014-07-08 at 8.14.25 PM (whether in the form of comments or the new “suggestions” edits recently added to Docs).

You may also want to attach a rubric to the student’s assignment to provide standards/ skills-based feedback.  You could email a rubric to each student, or even copy and paste a rubric into each of the Docs.

However, Mr. Stillman and team have provided an extension that can attach individual rubrics to the individual Docs.  This extension has another ‘playful’ name: “Goobric.”

What is more, not only does Goobric attach rubrics to the Docs, but it also relays the scores and comments recorded in the rubric back to your Doctopus spreadsheet!

Follow the Presentation below for “How to Goobric”