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Dotted lines now appear under dates and times in Gmails indicating that a Google Calendar event can be added.

You might have noticed in recent Gmails that dotted lines have appeared below dates and times in the text (see top picture).  This is a new Gmail feature that allows you to add Google Calendar events directly from your emails.

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Hovering over the text or the dotted lines provides the option of adding an event to your calendar.

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Click on the hover over text, and a pop up window appears with editing options for your new event.

Simply hover over the text under which the dotted lines appear and the option to “Add to Calendar” will appear.  Click, and a pop up window will appear where you can edit the name of the event, the time or the date (see third image).  Finally, click the blue button, and the event will be added to the main calendar associated with your email address.

To edit other aspects of the event (adding notes, locations, adding to other calendars), go to the Calendar page and click on the event.

This is a simple but welcome additional function to Gmail that eliminates some steps in adding events to your calendar.