Handy Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Extensions are handy extra features that can enhance the functionality of your browser without leaving a webpage.  The extensions in Chrome and most other browsers can eliminate many workflow steps for a variety of activities.  The picture right describes some useful extensions for productivity, and specifically for:Chrome Productivity Extensions

  • Adding or clipping to to-do lists (Google Tasks, Wunderlist)
  • Eliminating the clutter from webpages for easy reading (Evernote Clearly)
  • Shortening web addresses (goo.gl URL shortener)
  • Clipping content to a notebook (Evernote Web Clipper)
  • Saving content directly to cloud applications (Google Drive, Drop Box)
  • Adding items to a shopping wish list (Amazon Wish List)
  • Article notification counter for favorite websites (Lifehacker Notifier)

All of these extensions can be found on this page, or accessed by clicking on the button (with the three lines at the far right corner of the Chrome extensions:Accessing Chrome Extensions

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