Lesson Planning using Google Calendar

Google Calendar can be a useful tool in preparing lesson plans, particularly if you like to limit the number of places that you keep your information: by using Calendar to plan lessons, the details of your lessons are housed in the same place as all your other events.  Moreover, individual lesson plans or your whole “Lesson Plan” calendar can be shared with others (this can be useful for sharing a lesson plan with a substitute teacher.)Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.10.52 PM

To create a “Lesson Plan” calendar, use the drop down menu in My Calendars in the left bar.  Then for your lesson, you can either create one event and in Edit event> Description, describe the activities for the whole class.  However, you can create a clearer lesson plan by creating events for each discreet activity and describing the details of the activities in the ‘Description’ section.

To view your lesson plans, first choose to view only the lesson plan events by clicking  on the drop down menu on the calendar’s name in the left bar, and selecting “Display only this calendar.”

Then, use the agenda view to see the lesson plan.  This view shows the activities for the lesson in a list (see screenshot above).  To access the agenda view, see the button to the right of the Day, Week, Month buttons.  The detailed description of the activities can be found by clicking on “Edit event.”